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1956 Seagrave Engine - Engine 76-4

This engine is currently out of service. It is used only for parade purposes. It was one of the first few new engines that the Frankford Volunteer Fire Company owned.

1968 Cadillac Ambulance - Ambulance C-76

This unit was the oldest certified ambulance in the State of Delaware, until it was placed out of service by the department in 1999. Now this unit is used strictly for parade purposes.

1979 Pierce Engine - Engine 76-6 (Retired)

1979 Pierce Engine, 2 man cab with tailboard (Not in use), 1000 gal. of water, 750gpm side mount pump, two 250' booster reels, two 1 1/2" rear lines.

1985 Chevrolet - Brush 76-0 (Retired)

1985 Chevrolet Pickup with brush insert. 250 gal. of water, 90gpm briggs & stratton pump. One 250' booster reel. Compliment of rakes, shovels, and forestry line. After being retired as our brush truck this vehicle remains in the fleet as a utility vehicle re-designated 76-00

1991 Pierce Engine - Engine 76-1

1991 Pierce Lance Pumper, 6 man cab, 1000gal. of water, 1250 gpm walk through pump, two 1 3/4 inch cross lays, and one 2 1/2 inch attack line.

1995 S&S Mini Pumper - Brush 76-2 (Retired)

1995 S & S Mini Pumper, 4 man cab, 250 gal. of water. 750 gpm rear mount pump, Hurst Tool Equiped, two 1 1/2 inch crosslays.

1998 E-One Rescue/Pumper - Rescue/Engine 76-3

1998 E-One Rescue/Pumper, 8 man cab, 950gal. of water, 50gal. of prepiped foam, 1250 gpm walk through pump, Hurst Tool equipped, RIT capable, two 1 3/4 inch cross lays.

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