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Fire Alarms

Jan: 9 9 Jul: 13 13
Feb: 8 Aug: 6
Mar: 7 Sep: 13
Apr: 3 Oct: 11
May: 8 Nov: 10
Jun: 10 Dec: 5
Past Years:
2017 - 103 2016 - 128
2015 - 108 2014 - 22

EMS Alarms

Jan: 48 48 Jul: 57 57
Feb: 41 Aug: 48
Mar: 46 Sep: 44
Apr: 52 Oct: 46
May: 50 Nov: 0
Jun: 50 Dec: 41
Past Years:
2017 - 523 2016 - 492
2015 - 89 2014 - 529

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